15 Best ASP.NET based Content Management Systems(CMS)

ASP.NET is a Web Application development framework thats lets the developers to build dynamic web applications using .NET.

In this article , we share links to 15 cool ASP.NET MVC based CMS (Content Management Systems).

15 Best ASP.NET based Content Management Systems(CMS)

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TheBeerHouse: CMS and E-Commerce Starter Kit

Download TheBeerHouse Starter Kit
Review the Features


  • Layout with user-selectable Themes
  • Homepage personalization with WebParts
  • News and events, organized into categories
  • Opinion polls with support for multiple active and archived polls
  • Mailing lists with real-time AJAX-based feedback
  • Forums with support for multiple categories, custom pagination, avatars and more
  • E-commerce store with support for real-time credit card processing
  • Localization

ASP.NET features used

  • Master pages
  • Themes
  • Personalization
  • Membership & Profile modules
  • WebParts
  • Data-bound controls such as GridView, DetailsView, and FormView
  • Caching with database dependency